Welcome to your own site! The purpose of this site to create awareness on the health and wellness. There are various dimensions of wellness – physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, environmental and social. We will build the awareness about all of these dimensions.

There are various elements to achieve overall wellness: Yoga being one of the main and very authentic way to create a very conducive environment within for the wellness.

We all know yoga is good for health – but it is not limited to that. It has enormous potential to achieve much more. If we limit yoga just to health – then it is like buying racing car and using it as local transport and driving at 30 km / hrs. Nothing wrong to use Yoga to become healthy but my intention via this site is to enhance the awareness about yoga beyond health.

You will find very insightful article and blogs in this site, which will give holistic view about the health and wellness – using all means be it Yoga, Strength Training, Cardiovascular, Conditioning Workout, Balancing and so on …

I hope we will build a enhanced perception and grown together in all the dimensions of wellness.

Looking forward for your valuable support and feedback!!!