Where is your supreme teacher ?

We all are guided from within, each one of us has supreme teacher within and that teacher always guiding us and showing the way.

The only difference is – are we capable enough to take these guidance or so weak that always ignore them.

Once we start doing yoga that inner voice is more and more loud and clear and it will give you physical and mental strength to follow those self empowering instruction.

When we start making efforts to follow them then time will not be far when we finds outselves connected with supreme consciousness and we can walk this life effortlessly.

Have a great day.πŸ™

Are you explorer or sticking to your comfort zone…

There were 2 falcons, one was very motivated to take new challenges, new flight and always exploring. another was very lazy and does not take-off from the branch and always struck to the same tree. Seeing this a king in that area ordered his minister to do something, so that this falcon can also take flight and explore the new horizon. The minister tried everything but did not success to move the falcon. King came to know that, there is farmer who can help falcon to fly, so king ordered minister to call the farmer and help falcon for move. Farmer came and after few minute falcon took off and started to flying. Seeing this everyone become amazed as what he has done. They asked farmer – we tried everything but falcon was not moving — what have you done?

Farmer said – he cut-off the branch where falcon is sitting.

Most often people are struck to the confirm zone, so much they will not take off and explore the new horizons.

I can change the story in little different way as : –

If Falcon would have been struck to the same branch for some more time… his wings may have become so week that if someone cut-off the branch. he may fall down and die; instead of flying.

The coach / teacher / mentor who is cutting the branch should have that much wisdom – when branch to be cut.

If falcon is week – then he should be taken to the state where he can fly – then only branch to be cut.

You may see people around that they have been stick to conform zone for so long that – if you try to cut-off them from that comfort zone they may fall down and will never take off. A good mentor should elevate them upto the point where they can fly and then push them challenges themselves.

Have a great day.πŸ™

Stress… what is that?

Stress – what is this ? When we are faced with challenges, then ability of our body to respond to that challenge create stress.

It is good or bad?

Creator has created stress for good reason, but unfortunately it is bad for most people.

When there is stress, our body produce hormones which will help us to “Fight or Flight”.

Fight means to push ourselves to take

Some action.

Flight means to just take away ourselves from that situation.

There is only these 2 thing you can do and nothing else in stress situation, fight or flight.

But unfortunately most people does not take any action also they will not withdraw themselves from that situation mentally and always thinking and stuck at the same point.

If they keep thinking and does not take any action; then stress will start doing bad things for our health.

Yoga teaches us either to “Fight” or “Flight” in stress situation so that you can make good use of stress.

Nothing in this world is created just like that, it has purpose. Stress also had purpose. Identify it. Fight or Flight and enjoy.

Now when to fight and when to flight.. this is also big question. Yoga gives this wisdom as well.

Have a great day. πŸ™

Are you looking for transformation… then yoga is for you…

Knowledge and power are probably the two most important skill, which has the capability to transform human or switch the modes…

Almost everyone have knowledge – you can see people providing guidance even if they lack the power to follow their own guidances on themselves.

Mode1 – people have knowledge and lacking power.

Mode2- people have knowledge, power but are lacking the will to apply the power.

Mode3- people have knowledge, power and even the will to apply it.

Yoga has tool which will switch the people from mode1 to 2 and finally mode3.

It is process by which one can reach mode3 and beyond.

Have a great day.πŸ™

Adversity is blessing…

A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor. If you can see a rough sea in your journey thanks almighty- to give you opportunities to polish your skills.

“The real growth begin at the end of comfort zone”. Serious athlete know that growth will begin when exercise become difficult to complete.

Yoga gives us the power to face the adversity of life, push overselves hard to go beyond our comfort zone so that we can walk with ease even in the rough sea.

Have a great day.πŸ™

Some important steps for a healthy yoga session…

Some of important tips which will help you to have good yoga session-

1. Do not kill before it start (always have good night rest before yoga session)

2. Show up on time

3. Do always more working and less talking

4. No distractions on phone

5. Pay 100% attention

6. Have a nice group – who can always motivate each other

7. Have some source of self motivation (find out why you want to do this)

8. Measure the improvement at physical and mental level

9. Find proper meal plan which work for you

10. Alway dress-up appropriately

Have a rocking session always.πŸ™

Path towards stillness and creativity…

In yogic tradition mind is compared with monkey. Monkey has 2 main feature – 1 restlessness and 2- imitation. If you analyse your mind you will find that normal human mind have the same thing- restlessness and imitation.

If you want to move from restlessness to stillness and imitation to creativity- yoga is the path.

Yoga is immensely powerful tool which will make your mind still and creative.

Reaction to Action…

When people are complaining about someone or some situations.. mostly they are perceiving the action of other person as negative.. but it is not necessarily negatively…

Other person is doing the action which he/she will be responsible and get the result according… even if it is negative…they will get the required result…why it is bothering you?

It is bothering primarily because people are more interested in reaction than in action. Complain is one of the best mode of reaction.

Reacting people will move in zig zag path and will not be able to reach the goal, if someone is moving forward, backward, left and then right. Where they will reach? Even after so many year.. they may find themselves standing at same place… sometimes even backwards…

The one who can continue taking action in the one; right direction will have the capacity to reach the target 🎯.

What is target…

The target is to choose to be on right path for ourselves and enjoy that path as we proceed…

How you can find your target?? No one is going to tell you this… everyone has to find for themselves…

Ask yourself are you taking action or reacting most of the time.

Yoga helps to move ourselves from reacting personality to acting personality.

Sound to Silencey

Nodes only create sound, but how these nods are connected to each other will makes the music. More harmonious is the connection better is melody. Connection between the sound is silence. The quality of the silence will decide the melody of music.

Yoga is connection between the sound, the better is the connection more harmonious you become and slowly you will establish yourself deep into the silence day by day.

People around are looking for sound, until you keep making sound they will have some thing to respond to.. but the moment you will learn to remain silent.. it will be difficult for them to respond… and your silence will remind them how pathetic sound they were creating until now.. this will take them to the madness or they have to start internal exploration within.. most will choose the first one.. lucky are one who will start the internal journey.

Yoga for compulsive behaviour to conscious choices…

Top engineer, doctor and scientist from the premier institutions are doing the research that how to trap the mind of human and make them bonded to these products which they are manufacturing.

Top management institute scholar are doing the research to put the best marketing plan and best celebrities are hired to advertise these products. You are in big trap, can you come out of this trap?

Your mind will not allow to come out. When you learn how to control your mind and take conscious decisions then it is possible to come out of this bondage.

Yoga teaches us how to control our mind which will eventually help us to be free from this trap – which is real freedom. After all human is looking for freedom for centuries.

Yoga leads our life from bondage to freedom from compulsive behaviour to conscious choices.