Be responsible…

When we are dependent on the external idea and does not put them into experiments and experience ourselves, we are going to become weaker and weaker.

The moment we understand that, the only things in our life is to experience all dimensions of life and choose what is taking us to higher dimensions. In other words taking the complete responsibility our current status, when we ate responsible then only there is possibility to enrich our life and have courage to walk straight.

Until then we are making rounds, if we keep making rounds does it takes us anywhere? sooner or later we understand that we came to the same place where we started. Normally people does not see that.. even after completing round they start making next round… very few understand and start walking straight. When we are walking straight then only there is possibility to reach somewhere.

Walking straight, making round or even remaining at the same place is not the point. The point is to understand whatever you are doing it is your making. Choose well…

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