Are you explorer or sticking to your comfort zone…

There were 2 falcons, one was very motivated to take new challenges, new flight and always exploring. another was very lazy and does not take-off from the branch and always struck to the same tree. Seeing this a king in that area ordered his minister to do something, so that this falcon can also take flight and explore the new horizon. The minister tried everything but did not success to move the falcon. King came to know that, there is farmer who can help falcon to fly, so king ordered minister to call the farmer and help falcon for move. Farmer came and after few minute falcon took off and started to flying. Seeing this everyone become amazed as what he has done. They asked farmer – we tried everything but falcon was not moving — what have you done?

Farmer said – he cut-off the branch where falcon is sitting.

Most often people are struck to the confirm zone, so much they will not take off and explore the new horizons.

I can change the story in little different way as : –

If Falcon would have been struck to the same branch for some more time… his wings may have become so week that if someone cut-off the branch. he may fall down and die; instead of flying.

The coach / teacher / mentor who is cutting the branch should have that much wisdom – when branch to be cut.

If falcon is week – then he should be taken to the state where he can fly – then only branch to be cut.

You may see people around that they have been stick to conform zone for so long that – if you try to cut-off them from that comfort zone they may fall down and will never take off. A good mentor should elevate them upto the point where they can fly and then push them challenges themselves.

Have a great day.🙏

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