Path to health and happiness…

So this 5 ritual every day without compromise.

1. Wake up early – it will give some extra hours which you can spend on yourself. Breeze of early morning will rejuvenate your body and mind. If you come to know that morning hours are like treasures – then who want to miss it?

2. Workout, Meditate – This will set your mind and body in the right direction. So that you will proceed toward your goals effortlessly during the day. If you have only wish and not the real goal then you can skip it, but until when one can keep wishing? sooner or later the real goal to be set.

3. Express gratitude – just be thankful for whatever you have. Say thankyou to people around with reason and without reason… without reason? So what let them think whatever they want to think. It is their right to think and make opinion about you.

4. Read often- when there is so much of negativity around, it is wiser to spend time reading then on TV or social media.

5. Do something scary- attempt something which scare you.. be it physical or mental exercise. Attempt something you thought you will not be able to do. Real growth will start after your comfort zone and this is good opportunity to break your comfort zone.

Have a great day.🙏

Adversity is blessing…

A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor. If you can see a rough sea in your journey thanks almighty- to give you opportunities to polish your skills.

“The real growth begin at the end of comfort zone”. Serious athlete know that growth will begin when exercise become difficult to complete.

Yoga gives us the power to face the adversity of life, push overselves hard to go beyond our comfort zone so that we can walk with ease even in the rough sea.

Have a great day.🙏

Some important steps for a healthy yoga session…

Some of important tips which will help you to have good yoga session-

1. Do not kill before it start (always have good night rest before yoga session)

2. Show up on time

3. Do always more working and less talking

4. No distractions on phone

5. Pay 100% attention

6. Have a nice group – who can always motivate each other

7. Have some source of self motivation (find out why you want to do this)

8. Measure the improvement at physical and mental level

9. Find proper meal plan which work for you

10. Alway dress-up appropriately

Have a rocking session always.🙏

Path towards stillness and creativity…

In yogic tradition mind is compared with monkey. Monkey has 2 main feature – 1 restlessness and 2- imitation. If you analyse your mind you will find that normal human mind have the same thing- restlessness and imitation.

If you want to move from restlessness to stillness and imitation to creativity- yoga is the path.

Yoga is immensely powerful tool which will make your mind still and creative.