Reaction to Action…

When people are complaining about someone or some situations.. mostly they are perceiving the action of other person as negative.. but it is not necessarily negatively…

Other person is doing the action which he/she will be responsible and get the result according… even if it is negative…they will get the required result…why it is bothering you?

It is bothering primarily because people are more interested in reaction than in action. Complain is one of the best mode of reaction.

Reacting people will move in zig zag path and will not be able to reach the goal, if someone is moving forward, backward, left and then right. Where they will reach? Even after so many year.. they may find themselves standing at same place… sometimes even backwards…

The one who can continue taking action in the one; right direction will have the capacity to reach the target 🎯.

What is target…

The target is to choose to be on right path for ourselves and enjoy that path as we proceed…

How you can find your target?? No one is going to tell you this… everyone has to find for themselves…

Ask yourself are you taking action or reacting most of the time.

Yoga helps to move ourselves from reacting personality to acting personality.

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