Any Suggestions?


I often used to think while giving suggestion to someone; that if it is genuinely good suggestion why do not I apply it on myself.

The day when I merge deep into this thought, it was the day of my transformation. Now also I have lots of suggestion – but I hesitate to tell them as I know my suggestion is good for me only and not for others. Once you know that something is not good for others how can you tell them?

Now I apply all of them on myself.
I also understood that it required effort; sometime lots of effort to apply them — so what — if I want to improve / change myself then why worried about the effort.
Else this is life long process – keep giving the suggestion and never apply on yourself.

In this process – what I have learn is that — I was just one step back in the process of learning and growth —- the moment I started apply in myself. It become life changing experience.

Now it does not matter – If I give any suggestion to anyone or not. Instead I prefer not to give because everyone know what is good for them — then what is the significance of my suggestion?

My suggestion is good for me only and not for anyone else.

Now you can also think — that the above message is also a suggestion that I am telling you to create your own suggestion.
Language is such a difficult medium to express your own experience. That s why create your own experience and learn form it.

Create your own suggestion for yourself and work on them.

Anyways — I have told all of this because I am intelligent enough to know that you are intelligent!!!

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