Everything is possible. If not; then nothing is possible!!!

One of the purpose of life to make yourself null and void and at the same time extremely powerful and focused. When you are so much focused with power then you can explore the life at full throttle. When you are null and void then external situation can not disturb you.

This looks contradictory – how can one person become null and void and at the same time powerful.

If you look at vacuum – it is such a null / blank space and it has capacity to suck the whole universe within. Every situation / challenge in the life is coming so that person feel those opposite quality of nothingness and everything. Quality of nothingness will not disturb your peace of mind and quality of everything will help you to face the challenge with full capacity .

When you establish yourself to nothing then you are everything.

Yoga helps to establish that nothingness, so that you can experience everything as part of your being.

Have a great day.🙏

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