What is your fallback?

What is your fallback?

To come out of stress, one friend will ask you to drink and another will ask you to meditate. What is your fallback drink or meditate?

To overcome hurt, one friend will ask you to take revenge and get even, and another will ask you to forgive and get ahead with your life. ‘What is your fallback’? Revenge or forgiveness?

Duryodhana said, in his own words, “I know what is right but I am not able to indulge in it. I know what is wrong but I am not able to avoid it.” He needed a fallback. His fallback was his uncle Shakuni, and resultantly, Duryodhana moved from bad to worse. So in any situation we all knows what is right and what not right, so whichever way you will fallback, you will be taken in that direction.

Arjuna’s thought was little different. He was allowing his personal emotions to dominate his sense of duty, and hence wanted to escape from the responsibilities. He needed a fallback. His fallback was Krishna, so as a result, Arjuna was restored to his greatness.

At some point or the other, we all need a fallback.

In the morning we will be given option to getup and go for walk / exercise or continue the sleep. ‘What is your fallback’ makes all the difference.

Choose Well.

You have potential!!!

Everyone is having great will power, potential and determination, has the capacity to achieve great milestones. The only difference is that some are using this potential in their favour and others are using against.

Since most of the people are using that potential against them so they will not allow you to use your potential for your own benefit. They are looking for clone copy.

It required great insight and sometime you have to oppose the people for something that you want to do for your own benefit – so that they will allow you.

If you continue with persistence and consistency soon you will be standing different from the crowd as a role model for someone.

It’s not that you did all of these to become roles model, but there is someone out their; seeing your journey and achievements, also started exploring his own potential for his own benefit.

Reaction to Action…

When people are complaining about someone or some situations.. mostly they are perceiving the action of other person as negative.. but it is not necessarily negatively…

Other person is doing the action which he/she will be responsible and get the result according… even if it is negative…they will get the required result…why it is bothering you?

It is bothering primarily because people are more interested in reaction than in action. Complain is one of the best mode of reaction.

Reacting people will move in zig zag path and will not be able to reach the goal, if someone is moving forward, backward, left and then right. Where they will reach? Even after so many year.. they may find themselves standing at same place… sometimes even backwards…

The one who can continue taking action in the one; right direction will have the capacity to reach the target 🎯.

What is target…

The target is to choose to be on right path for ourselves and enjoy that path as we proceed…

How you can find your target?? No one is going to tell you this… everyone has to find for themselves…

Ask yourself are you taking action or reacting most of the time.

Yoga helps to move ourselves from reacting personality to acting personality.

Why Cycling???

Thinking about joining the cycling family? Here are the reasons you should get on your cycle…

The health benefits of cycling include muscle toning, improved cardiovascular health, and better blood circulation. It is one of the simplest forms of working out as a form of moderate physical activity that is required by the human body. It is not only an exercise; it is also used as a means of transport in many countries. Cycling helps in incorporating physical activity into your daily life.

Health Benefits of Cycling

The human body requires physical activity for normal functioning. At least thirty minutes of moderate to intense physical activity is very important and is required in order to achieve long-term health. Other than the physical health benefits, there are social and mental health benefits that make cycling an enjoyable activity as well. These health benefits include the following:

1. Cycling improves mental well-being

There are so many ways that exercise can boost your mood: there’s the basic release of adrenalin and endorphins, and the improved confidence that comes from achieving new things or getting closer to that goal.

2.Cycling promotes weight loss

The simple equation, when it comes to weight loss, is ‘calories out must exceed calories in’. So you need to burn more calories than you consume to lose weight. Cycling burns calories: between 400 and 1000 an hour, depending on intensity and rider weight.

3. Cycling builds muscle

The resistance element of cycling means that it doesn’t just burn fat: it also builds muscle – particularly around the glutes, hamstrings, quads, and calves. Muscle is leaner than fat, and people with a higher percentage of muscle burn more calories even when sedentary.

4. Enjoy second breakfasts

Since a half hour ride to work should be burning between 200 and 500 calories, you’ve got a license to enjoy a second breakfast with fellow members of the group.

5. Better lung health

Cycling will enhance your lungs capacity and improve lungs overall health.

6. Reduce Chances of heart disease

Cycling raises your heart rate and gets the blood pumping round your body, and it burns calories, limiting the chance of your being overweight.

7. Cycling is low impact

Running is weight bearing activity – and therefore injury rates are higher in running. Cycling, by contrast to running, is not weight bearing and low impact exercise. So it is good for knee health.

The lack of weight bearing also means that cycling does not do as much to increase bone density as other sports – so it’s a good idea to add a little strength training in to your program.

8. Sleep better

Cycling reduce anxiety, as this is byproduct of exercise, which elevates the ability for sound sleep. Exercise also protects against weight gain with age, which is another cause of sleep dysfunction.

9. Strengthen your immune system

Cycling had huge benefits on the health of the upper respiratory system – thus reducing instances of the common cold.

10. Grow your social circle

Cycling is an incredibly sociable sport. Grassroots cycling revolves around cycling club culture – which in turn revolves around the Sunday club run: several hours of riding at an intensity that enables easy chat, interrupted by a cafe stop (or the occasional puncture).

Joining a cycling club or group is an excellent way to grow your social circle, and if you’re new to riding – you’ll probably find all the maintenance and training advice you may have been looking for there, too.

Royal Cycle Club – Bhiwadi is a cycling group of young and passionate professional and businessmen. Anyone is welcome to join and enjoy the huge list of cycling benefits.

Sound to Silencey

Nodes only create sound, but how these nods are connected to each other will makes the music. More harmonious is the connection better is melody. Connection between the sound is silence. The quality of the silence will decide the melody of music.

Yoga is connection between the sound, the better is the connection more harmonious you become and slowly you will establish yourself deep into the silence day by day.

People around are looking for sound, until you keep making sound they will have some thing to respond to.. but the moment you will learn to remain silent.. it will be difficult for them to respond… and your silence will remind them how pathetic sound they were creating until now.. this will take them to the madness or they have to start internal exploration within.. most will choose the first one.. lucky are one who will start the internal journey.

Yoga for compulsive behaviour to conscious choices…

Top engineer, doctor and scientist from the premier institutions are doing the research that how to trap the mind of human and make them bonded to these products which they are manufacturing.

Top management institute scholar are doing the research to put the best marketing plan and best celebrities are hired to advertise these products. You are in big trap, can you come out of this trap?

Your mind will not allow to come out. When you learn how to control your mind and take conscious decisions then it is possible to come out of this bondage.

Yoga teaches us how to control our mind which will eventually help us to be free from this trap – which is real freedom. After all human is looking for freedom for centuries.

Yoga leads our life from bondage to freedom from compulsive behaviour to conscious choices.

Any Suggestions?


I often used to think while giving suggestion to someone; that if it is genuinely good suggestion why do not I apply it on myself.

The day when I merge deep into this thought, it was the day of my transformation. Now also I have lots of suggestion – but I hesitate to tell them as I know my suggestion is good for me only and not for others. Once you know that something is not good for others how can you tell them?

Now I apply all of them on myself.
I also understood that it required effort; sometime lots of effort to apply them — so what — if I want to improve / change myself then why worried about the effort.
Else this is life long process – keep giving the suggestion and never apply on yourself.

In this process – what I have learn is that — I was just one step back in the process of learning and growth —- the moment I started apply in myself. It become life changing experience.

Now it does not matter – If I give any suggestion to anyone or not. Instead I prefer not to give because everyone know what is good for them — then what is the significance of my suggestion?

My suggestion is good for me only and not for anyone else.

Now you can also think — that the above message is also a suggestion that I am telling you to create your own suggestion.
Language is such a difficult medium to express your own experience. That s why create your own experience and learn form it.

Create your own suggestion for yourself and work on them.

Anyways — I have told all of this because I am intelligent enough to know that you are intelligent!!!

You are your friend or enemy?

Suppose right now your right hand starts acting funny – it beats your left hand, punch on your own face, pokes you in the eye and pops around. Would you say this is an ailment?

For sure, this is one.

That is exactly what mind is also doing. It pops around, hurts, pokes you and makes you suffer. Specially if someone is addicted to bad habit e.g. smoke or drinks and there are many form of addictions…

Regular practice of Yog Sadhana will help to come out of addictions, so that mind can do what it is designed to do and you will become free from addictions.

Otherwise the sickness in the mind will manifest in physical body.

Everything is possible. If not; then nothing is possible!!!

One of the purpose of life to make yourself null and void and at the same time extremely powerful and focused. When you are so much focused with power then you can explore the life at full throttle. When you are null and void then external situation can not disturb you.

This looks contradictory – how can one person become null and void and at the same time powerful.

If you look at vacuum – it is such a null / blank space and it has capacity to suck the whole universe within. Every situation / challenge in the life is coming so that person feel those opposite quality of nothingness and everything. Quality of nothingness will not disturb your peace of mind and quality of everything will help you to face the challenge with full capacity .

When you establish yourself to nothing then you are everything.

Yoga helps to establish that nothingness, so that you can experience everything as part of your being.

Have a great day.🙏

Skin Nutrition


Our skin plays an important role in regulating body homeostasis (tendency to auto-regulate and maintain internal environment in a stable state) by keeping water loss to a minimum and by regulating body temperature. Human skin is continuously exposed to internal and external influences that may alter its condition and functioning.

Skin functioning and skin attractiveness are dependent on nutrition. This is evidenced by the development of skin lesions in response to nutritional deficiencies. Hence, dietary supplementation with essential vitamins, minerals, or fatty acids improves skin conditions. Some of the most important nutrients for skin health are:

1. Vitamin C


Vitamin C is a powerful anti-oxidant. It helps to reduce oxidative stress to the body and may lower cancer risk. Vitamin C is also involved in the synthesis of collagen, an important protein for making your skin supple. Many fruits and vegetables are great sources of vitamin C, so be sure to include them in your diet. Food sources high in vitamin C include: Citrous fruitsbroccoli, sprouts, kale, red and green bell peppers, guava, grapefruit, strawberries.

2. Vitamin E


Vitamin E is one of the key vitamins for skin health. When combined with vitamin A, vitamin E is especially effective at preventing certain skin cancers. Because of vitamin E’s antioxidant properties, it helps fight free radicals caused by pollution, smoking, processed foods and sun exposure. Free radicals are the catalyst for premature skin aging such as wrinkles. Food sources high in vitamin E include: almonds, eggs, walnuts, avocados, sunflower seeds, pine nuts, spinach, oatmeal, and olives.

3. Vitamin A / Beta Carotene


Vitamin A, also known as beta carotene and retinol, is a widely acclaimed skin nutrient used by dermatologists to treat chronic acne and psoriasis.

Foods rich in Vitamin A are – sweet potato,kale, spinach, apricots, winter squash, and other dark leafy greens.

4. Selenium


Selenium has many of the same skin benefits as vitamin E and together they safeguard cell membranes. Cell membranes are the protective coating around all cells. Selenium helps to slow the signs of aging, by protecting the cell membrane.

Actually Selenium is a triple treat, protecting against UV-induced cell damage, skin inflammation and pigmentation.

It helps skin fight infection. Your immune system relies on selenium to function well. In fact, it’s selenium, along with other minerals, that bolsters your body’s army of white blood cells and strengthens your response to infections – including those on the skin – since skin is your body’s first line of defense.”

Foods rich in Selenium includes:-

Brazil nuts,Almonds,spinach,mushrooms,oats,wheat,soy beans,brown rice,whole grains,sunflower seeds.